Apply For Executive Board

All Applications must be completed and emailed to and cc’d to current office holder (ex: If applying for Director of IT, Email Rhea and cc Noah) by 11:59pm on 2/28.

Also Include:

  • Your name and TUID are in the application header.
  • Position title as email subject (Ex: If applying for Director of IT, the subject of your email should be “Director of IT”)
  • Resume in separate PDF document

No late submissions will be accepted. Good Luck!




The President will provide direction and support to all the officers on the E-board in creating goals that align with that of the MIS department, and to ensure the success of these goals. For expediency and consistency, the President will serve as a liaison between the advisors and MIS department and officers, though individual officer interaction with the aforementioned parties is also encouraged.

How to Apply:

Download and fill out: President Application

No cc required


Vice President:

The Vice President will primarily oversee the financial functions of AIS as they pertain to expenses, income, reimbursement, and procurement negotiations. After the initial budget is approved, the Vice President can make or sign off on expenditures under $100 without consulting the President or faculty.

How to Apply:

Download and fill out: Vice President

CC: Matt Oberst –


Director of IT

The Director of IT’s main function is to schedule Technical Development workshops that extrapolates or augments material learned in class. Also, they must manage the organizations webpage by posting and maintaining content related to AIS functions. In addition, they manage the organizations listserv by adding and removing members.

How to Apply:

Download and fill out: Director of IT Application

CC: Noah Gottlieb –


Director of Community Engagement – 

Lead by the director of Alumni Relations, AIS will proactively engage and catalog alumni involvement in social events, community service events, and speaker’s series meetings. Additionally, the Director occupying this position will oversee communication to external shareholders such as members, MIS faculty, and alumni via newsletters pertaining information relevant to each of the aforementioned parties.

How to Apply:

Download and fill out:Director of Community Engagement Application

CC: Sean Dougherty –


Director of Public Relations:

Lead by the Director of Public Relations, AIS will be active on the following social media platforms:

How to Apply:

Download and fill out: Director of PR Application

CC: Justin Kish –


Director of Professional Development:

The Director of Professional Development will oversee the enhancement of member soft and hard interview skills, so as to incite member growth on a professional level, and raise the profile of the MIS department. Workshops will be held on Fridays, in rotation with TDAP meetings.

How to Apply:

Download and fill out: Director of Professional Development Application

CC: Matt Oberst –


Director of Corporate Relations:

The Director of Corporate Relations will primarily focus on the creation of a Speaker Series that enriches member knowledge and awareness of Management Information Systems.  Primarily featuring IBIT companies, in addition to other companies, the speaker series meetings, in conjunction with subsequent private Q&A lunches, will provide members access to learn relevant industry topics and sharpen their communication skills

How to Apply:

Download and fill out: Director of Corporate Relations Application

CC: Kate Morrison –


Director of Events:

The Director of Events will ensure the successful integration of AIS members and officers, MIS department and faculty, and AIS alumni on a social and professional level.

How to Apply:

Download and fill out: Director of Events Application

CC: Bridget Silk –