Duckrey Volunteering

duckreyOn October 14th I and roughly a dozen other AIS members volunteered at Duckrey Tanner School on Diamond Street, where the classes range from kindergarten to 8th grade. We had a great turnout helping Josh Gerloff, the Technology Specialist Teacher at Duckrey. AIS members worked on the classroom computers to set up bookmarks to educational sites for students, add restrictions, and update applications. Also, volunteers set up new workstations. AIS is consistently in and out of the Duckrey Tanner School volunteering our time to help the teachers at Duckrey in creating a save and fun online learning environment for students.


Asked to comment on her experience, volunteer Nina Sjostrom said “We were asked to help set up computers in the library and a couple of classrooms for the students to use. It was such a nice day to help the students and see their reactions once the computers were put together. The whole event was really rewarding and I would go back again in a heartbeat”.

Written by: Matthew Maling