Samples and Resources For Creating An E-Portfolio

How do I get started?

  1. You must be a BBA in MIS major in order to use this site.
  2. Create a site on the MIS Community platform– click “My Sites” on the top of the screen after you login and then click on “Create a Site”.
  3. Use the following convention to name your site so that it is easy for people to find you. Do not put in any punctuation such as dashes or underline characters:
    • First initial followed by last name (e.g., jmis for Joe Mis)
    • If that does not work, then full first name followed by last name (e.g., JoeMis)
    • If that does not work, then full first name, middle initial, and last name (e.g., JoeIMIS).
  4. Complete the eportfolio by following the instructions on the sample site.
  5. When you are happy with your eportfolio, list it on the MIS eportfolio site so that prospective employers can easily find you.
  6. If you are a BBA in MIS student, you can receive professional achievement points for creating and updating your e-portfolio.

Tutorial and samples

Common mistakes

  1. Bad or inappropriate photos.  Students should make an effort to create a professional head-shot, in proper business attire.  (These can be taken against a white wall by your roommate.)
  2. No actual resume or link to a resume posted to the site.  In many cases the link doesn’t work, and/or the resume is poorly written and formatted.  Resumes must be in the Fox School format which is available on the CSPD website.  Also, resumes should be in PDF format, not word (which is true for any other documents posted to the site.)  If you have your picture on your resume or it has some strange formatting, your e-portfolio will be rejected.
  3. Believe it or not, many e-portfolios are submitted with no name on the site.  Some students didn’t even bother to put their name on the main page of their site, much less provide any background info, year, major etc.
  4. Inappropriate content.  This is not Facebook.  Every semester we get e-portfolios filled with pages with you tube videos of the greatest song ever…the gang skateboarding last weekend, the latest kegger, and things of that nature.  Your e-portfolio needs to be professional.
  5. The e-portfolio site link was bad or didn’t work.  Sometimes students make them password protected (which defeats the purpose).  Other times the link takes us to another page on their site (not the main page).  It is up to you to send the right link, and make sure the reader gets to the correct landing page.  Readers won’t spend the time to figure out what the main page URL should be.
  6. The site was not formatted correctly.  Make sure you set up pages for the main assignment criteria (About Me, Resume, Career Interests, Photo/Bio, etc.)  Don’t just use posts for all of your material.  Also, messy formatting, typos, and bad grammar will cause your e-portfolio to be rejected.
  7. Menus on either side of your page that are not being used by you.  Delete the default menus if you are not going to use them.  i.e. blogroll, links etc.  If you don’t have anything in these, get rid of them.
  8. Your name should appear in at least the tagline of each page.  If someone is looking at your interests page and want to see your name they should be able to see it.
  9. If you are going to provide links to different pages/companies that you may have worked at or places you enjoy visiting, write a blurb about that place/company and then put the link.  Simply linking to another site does not give the visitor any background about why they are going to this site and what your connection is to it.

Relevant links