QVC – Maurice Whetstone


When I was younger, I was confused by my Mom’s fascination and admiration of QVC. I didn’t think the company could offer such low discounts and there not be some catch to it, but then it happened. After Maurice Whetstone spoke in front of us, I realized how QVC can achieve such low prices and treat their customers so well, especially the customers that are loyal to QVC.


Until this speaker series meeting, I had no idea what QVC meant: Quality, Value, and Convenience. Not only are you getting products for a cheaper price, but you can also rely on its quality. Maurice explained the importance that QVC places on their customers and the customers’ concerns. He also told us how putting different warehouses around the country can ensure a convenient delivery time, and a cost effective service, too!


“Data is at the heart of what we do”, Maurice said. The most interesting take away I had from this speaker series meeting was how the company tracks certain the impact of words using analytics. Telling the television presenter which key words to say to spike their sales seemed innovative and creative to me. Listening to Maurice talk about QVC inspired me to look deeper into the company. After Maurice was finished talking, I saw myself submitting my resume to them some point soon in the future.


Written by Alex Cicioni