Active Membership

  • Have an approved Eportfolio 
  • Attend at least Community Service Events
  • Attend at least Social Event
  • Attend at least 7 Speaker Series Meetings


Active TDAP participants receive 50 professional achievement points at the end of the semester. In order to be considered an active TDAP participant, you must:

  • Attend 3 of the 4 TDAP meetings
  • Complete one of the below tracks on Codecademy.
  • Email your Codecademy login credentials (username and password) to with the subject line “TDAP Spring 2018” by April 29th at 11:59pm.
Track Title Courses Required
Web Foundation
  1. Learn HTML
  2. Learn CSS
  3. Make a Website
Relational Databases
  1. Learn SQL
  2. SQL: Table Transformation
  3. SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics
Versatile Programming
  1. Learn Python
Web Development
  1. Introduction to Javascript
Web Applications
  1. Learn ReactJS: Part 1
  2. Learn ReactJS: Part 2